Daily News, Thurs, July 18

Good stuff: The Tao of Running.

The Desert RATS looks like a pretty cool run. Sort of a shortened version of the Grand to Grand that we spoke to Sarah Lavender Smith about last year.

…meanwhile, here’s a similar multi-stage desert run in Australia that looks awesome.

Here’s episode 2 of Anton’s Nolan’s 14 attempt. Yeah, it’s kind of like a long commercial for NB, but it puts into perspective what Nolan’s is all about.

Do you spit or swallow?

334365_458060590902959_59467818_oWe’re starting to run low on the popular URP beer koozies.  For a $10 donation to the site, get yourself a koozie and a sticker, or as many people are doing, give them as gifts.  Eighteen koozies left, better get yours soon!

Here’s a great video of Tim Olson’s WS100 run, shot by his parents-in-law. Nice shots that really show the course.

…and here’s a video of the Red Bull camp that Karl talked about during our interview with him. Super cool!

Interesting: Have they discovered an exercise pill?

Is this what cycling needs to keep it clean?  Meanwhile, this guy believes that Usain Bolt is a clean as a whistle.

…and can cycling aid your running? Silly question, isn’t it? How could it hurt?

The Sri Chinmoy runners are still out there running, having crested the 2k mile mark and still a loooong way from it being over.

Here’s an inaugural 60k in Idaho with a 13.5 hour cutoff.  Sounds like a tough race.

Read this: Rickey Gates on America’s Last Great Mountain Race.

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