Daily News, Thurs, July 25

Really great video of Seb Chaigneau’s Hardrock experience. “We have hot waffles and pierogies! We even have top-shelf tequila! Woohooo!!!”

Then watch Adam Hewey come staggering in at 10:20 (in the video above), then read his race report here. WOW! Talk about determination!

Was the pooping runner story a crock of $h!t?

P1070975Speedgoat women’s preview.

Read this: Marshall Ulrich’s Badwater report and tips.   Here’s our interview with Marshall from 2011.

Dean K’s Badwater report, and our interview with him.

Seb Coe is pushing to punish doping athletes’ coaches and docs too.

Check out the third paragraph of this story. WTF? They’re going to throw my drop bag in the river?  Come on people.  I know Boston freaked you out, but howabout some common sense.

Why is your HR higher in the summer?

Are you a real runner if you wear headphones?

Eight hikes/runs you can eat.  The trails along the nearby American River are covered in blackberries right now and are delicious to eat on a run.  What grows on your trails?

Run more to stop injuries, but…should you go for a run or go to the doctor?

“I refuse to tip-toe through life only to arrive at death safely.”

Five training tips you should practice daily. I’m gonna tattoo ’em on my arm.

Ten pro athletes who have done an Ironman.  I only recognize one name (Kanaan).

This guy had run every single day since 1968, but stopped this week.

Ten reasons to shop at your local running store.

Did you see our review of the Salomon S-Lab Sense?



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