Daily News, Thurs, July 3

It’s been a good week for Missoula, Montana.

…and here’s a brand new podcast with Missoulan (and 2nd place WS) Seth Swanson.

Sad news: Louis Zamperini passed away yesterday.

Gotta plug these folks again: If you’ve got a buckle and need a belt, they make ’em especially for ultrarunners.

Geoff Roes opines on Western States and makes a lot of great points.

Alex Varner’s Western States report.

Video: On the road with Rickey Gates.

Good stuff: Why we need adventure.

Crew report from Western States with a beer mile mixed in.

…and how Rob Krar won the race.

I haven’t had Achille issues in over a year, but if I do again, I’ll reference this post.

Anton’s Lavaredo Trail race report.  Can’t wait to see what he does at Speedgoat!

Here’s another great DNF report from Bighorn 50 in Wyoming.

Hey Appalachian Trail runners…have you seen this guy?

Are you an active couch potato? 

What you need to know about trail running in Chamonix.

Here’s our review of the new HOKA Clifton.

Neat idea, but I’m positive I’d be on the ground and twisted up in the cords within an hour.

Why running is the perfect sport.

No news tomorrow folks. Takin the day off to go on a long run, drink beer and light things on fire.  Happy 4th…stay safe out there.

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