Daily News, Thurs, July 31

Apparently we’re a quirky bunch.  All groups have their weirdos and misfits, ours just uses those traits as advantages.

I’m always amused by the ridiculousness of showing up at an aid station late in race, totally dazed, and doing things that seem quite weird to the volunteers (like shoving sandwiches down my pants, or shoving outrageous amounts of potato chips into my face).

–Matt Flaherty’s White River 50 race report.

Eight reasons why a runner may thrive with Crossfit Endurance.

Probably a wise decision to postpone the Liberian Marathon amidst the Ebola outbreak.

This new waist pack from Salomon looks pretty sweet.  Anyone else tried it?

Why ultra running is the funniest sport in the world. Great interview with Timmy Olson!

…and here’s a neat video from Hardrock that shows the ups and downs of Tim’s day.

Twenty two words that have a totally different meaning when you’re a runner.

Though it’s about “regular” distance running, this still sounds like a really interesting book. Have you read it?

I don’t follow MTB racing, but I think that if you replaced “single speed” with “barefoot” in this post/rant, you’d have my take on the MUT world.

And another killer adventure run from Leor–this time to the top of Yosemite.

Call for help: I’ll need a few people to help with the Daily News next week when I’m at ORSM. If you’ve got the ability (and interest) to compile a bunch of news stories, shoot me an email.  I’ll need help Wed, Thurs, and Fri. Thanks!


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