Daily News, Thurs, July 4th

Happy Independence Day everyone!  Well, except our UK listeners, I suppose. 😉

The World Trailrunning Championships is tomorrow in Wales. Track runners here.

Sherpa John interviews two filmmakers/ultrarunners about their upcoming project. Sounds like an awesome movie!

I’m still not clear as to whether MUT running is a “high-risk” activity. This is their definition: “physically challenges the limits of the self in a way that is not readily available in even the most challenging of normative everyday situations.”

Pop quiz: What’s the unhealthiest restaurant meal in America?

The ten biggest sports nutrition myths. Written by Matt Fitzgerald, who we interviewed a few years ago.

Alright, I am strangely compelled to try this. San Francisco seems like the perfect locale with the tight grid of streets…but what to write?

It makes sense that one of the finishers of this crazy event also finished Barkley.

PES: Performance Enhancing Sheets? Will people just believe anything they’re told? Here’s the site.

Now I really want to do a Tough Mudder race! Oh yeah!

If you’re new to the Tour, here’s a great intro. I’ve watched it for years and still learned quite a bit.


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