Daily News, Thurs, June 12

Whoa, Comrades is a real stickler for rules: Zola Budd is DQed. Is black and white better, or should there be discretion?

Running on the roads and there’s no tree to squat behind? Here’s a guide to urban pooping.

Just when I think I have a good understanding of this sport, I read a list like this and have no idea who most of these people are.

Speaking of understanding…Most people can’t understand running an ultra—let alone running 3200 miles across the US. Add Bitcoins to the conversation, and heads start to tilt with frustration.

Should runners get pedicures?

Yikes, and we thought the USATF had some corruption problems. Here’s a hilarious guide to the World Cup and FIFA.


Running Bryce this weekend? Here’s a great preview, and here’s my interview after my first hundred there last year.

What was the greatest running race of all time? List has some pretty good MUT representation.  For ultras, I’d go with either Yiannis or ’10 WS, but Chris Solinsky’s sub 27 10k is also up there.  Then there’s Skaggs at Hardrock…or Fordyce’s 50miler

Are you a waver?

If you need another reason to visit Colorado this summer, here’s a pretty compelling one.

If your Garmin wigs out tomorrow (Friday the thirteenth!), here’s why.

How to avoid and treat tick and midge bites.  I get a few ticks a year…anyone else a tick magnet like that?

Why stair climbing is good for runners.  We interviewed Kyle Kugler before his first hundred a few years ago, and since he lives in Florida, he did all of his hill training in a stairwell (and did pretty well, too!) We’ll be catching up with him again as he prepares for his second Western States.

…speaking of WS, if you’re running the race this year as your first hundred, shoot me an email. I’m looking to get a first timer’s take for an upcoming podcast.

Here’s a great story about a kid who grew up in the Rift Valley, ran 60 miles to school because the roads were washed out, and is now kickin’ ass in the NCAA 5k and 10k.

Remember Cory, who planned on running 100 miles across Utah on the roads, for the sole purpose of eating a bunch of Twinkies? Well, he did it, and here’s his report.

And Steve Magness has a very roundabout way of explaining how changing your perception can change your running life.

Chatting with Ellie G and Vajin Armstrong today. Stay tuned!


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