Daily News, Thurs, June 13

After an awesome attempt, a jellyfish sting stopped her from swimming.

When was the last time you looked at the all-time North American ultra records list? Check out the mens 50M. With the exception of one (Andy Jones), all records were set prior to 1990. For the ladies 50M, almost the exact opposite is true, with most being set since 1990. What’s the explanation for that?

Interesting: Does stretching prevent injuries?


Beer myths debunked.

Being sponsoredwhat does it mean?

“It is true that ‘speed kills.’ In distance running, it kills anybody who does not have it.”–BROOKS JOHNSON

Five pillars of wisdom from legendary endurance coaches.

More on compression gear. When, why, how.

Can you train your breathing muscles to get faster?

Hey Colorado! Stay safe.

Short (and late) news day. Trying to get some real miles in again.

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