Daily News, Thurs, June 19

Great pacing-DNF report from Cory.

Didya hear the new podcast with Larisa Dannis and Kaci Lickteig? Both ladies have had a big 12 months, and both are ready to run hard next weekend.

How to clean water bottles and hydration packs.

Another how to: Stage racing for dummies.

Western States preview, from the good guys at Ultra168 in Australia. Speaking of that region, we interviewed Kiwi Vajin Armstrong and are releasing the podcast next week.

And Hal and Ellie throw in their predictions for the Big Dance. We’ll have Ellie’s preview on URP next week.

The Electric Foam 5k has gone out of business, whatever the heck that was.

2014 is the year for Normal Runner Time.

The best running and life lessons come from a three year old.

I think I’ve found my next interview subject: This guy.  Five hundred miles in 9 days on cheese puffs, pizza, and mac n cheese.

Summer road shoes.  Anyone tried them? (I’m in the Cliftons right now.)

In about two weeks, Lisa Smith-Batchen is going to start the Badwater back to back to back to back. Yikes! A quadruple crossing of Death Valley (with ascents of Mt Whitney!) for a grand total of 584 miles through scorching heat. And all for a good cause.

Could you beat a horse in a 23 mile race across trails, bogs, and streams?

Those lunatics in Queens are on day four of Sri Chimnoy, and though they’ve already run ~270 miles, are only 7% done with the race.  Lunatics is fair, right?

Awesome: This family commutes by running.

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