Daily News, Thurs, June 20

Ha! Ultrarunner or porn star?

Even though Ed Whitlock (our 82yo hero) “wasn’t in shape for mile racing”, he still snagged an AR with a 7:02.

100 minutes per mile…a short film about Barkley. Here’s our interview with Laz/Gary from a few years ago.

“The chair is out to kill us.”

This Scottish mega runner is running some serious mileage across Africa to study Kenyan runners while also practicing medicine along the way. Sounds like some serious logistics, but well done!

NUC: If men are stronger, why do we die younger?

If you’re in or near Tahoe (hello, Western States crew!) this weekend through next, check out this Mountain Festival with FREE workshops, classes, runs with Krissy Moehl, etc. Alpenglow is an awesome store and Brendan the owner couldn’t be a nicer guy.

And what’s your excuse again? Amy Palmiero-Winters competing in 50M Spartan Death Race.

Preventing a generation of fat kids: Exercise Deficit Disorder in youths.

…and how to eat your way to recovery.

The Sri Chimnoy folks are on day 5 and just passed 300 miles. So they’re a tenth of the way done.

Your brain on winning.

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