Daily News, Thurs, June 26

You must read this: Confessions of an ultra marathon skeptic (through the eyes of an ER doc during his first visit to a hundred mile aid station.)

In defense of Vibrams.

Countdown to Western States from my guest co-host Ethan Veneklasen.

Why aren’y more black folks doing outdoorsy stuff? Or are they?

And did ya hear the new (and final!) Western States preview podcast with Alex Varner and Max King? All eyes will be on these guys to set a fast pace.

Whoa: MoTrafeh, AR holder at 25k, busted for possession of EPO and retires at 29.

James Bonnet has been running races for two decades, and he’s only 27.  Let’s see how he does this weekend.

What to do if you find a baby during a run. Har har.

WS advice from a veteran.

And another veteran, Ian Torrence, offers his advice on the biggest weekend in trail running.

Can running specialty shops survive? What percentage of your gear do you buy from your local independent shop?

Chris Vargo offers up his predictions for the fellas here.

Tomorrow in Italy, the Lavaredo Trail Ultra is kicking off with Mike Foote, Dave Mackey, Anton, Rory, and a whole cast of others toeing the line.  Here’s Ian’s preview.

Sherpa John takes on ultrasignup fatass snobs.  

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