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Six make or break factors to dial in before race day.

Tor des Geants
Tor des Geants

Some Tor des Geants participants submitted to tests with “chair(s) equipped with straps, pedals, strain gauges and electrodes” to study the effect of distance and sleep deprivation on runners.  And here’s another post from the same study.  Both refer to “the shorter race”…ya know…UTMB. Ha!

Kara Goucher sums up how many of us feel after a disappointing race.

Do you know the history of the Western States trail?

Speaking of WS (or any other ultra for that matter), here’s what happens at the back of the pack.

A doping scandal among her rivals almost caused her to quit track and field.

Good read: The importance of exploring.

Are women more prone to running injuries than men?

Interesting: New stats from the running industry.  What I found most compelling is the avg price of shoes (table 3) is higher when bought online than in specialty running stores.  I’d love to see a similar survey of MUT runners.

Twenty one reasons why I love ultrarunning.

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