Daily News, Thurs, June 5

Science I can believe in: Running makes us sexy.Ferris-Bueller

Ten short tips for the trail.

NUC: Today is the day Ferris took off.

List-o-Rama! The 25 best cities to raise an outdoor kid.

And eleven of the most difficult ultras in the world.

Dream big, train hard, and fight until the finish. Never, ever give up.

Ellie’s race report from Comrades.

And for the URP Throwback Thursday, here’s our interview with Ellie from a few years ago.

I never knew that Dick Beardsley had a pill addiction. Good read.

A reporter tried to keep up with the leaders of a marathon in Europe. Yeah….no.

Streakers! The people who can’t not run.image

Good stuff: A volunteer’s perspective of TheNorthFace 100 and why giving back is important.

One dietician’s take on the great grain debate.

Detailed guide to the famed Michigan Bluff to Swinging Bridge section on the (backwards) Western States trail.

The Angry Jogger is in a pretty positive frame of mind. Rejoice!

Good news/Bad news: The single track mind stickers are all sold out! Two days….wow! Thanks so much for your support. Looks like I should probably order some more.

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