Daily News, Thurs, June 6

I generally think of runners as pretty smart people who are in tune with their bodies, but I suppose there are always exceptions.

I’m sure this 1 mile loop in Silverton, Colorado is beautiful and all, but running it one thousand times sounds awful. Welcome to the Silverton 1000.

How to trick your body into going faster.

With over 500 ultras completed, Ray K is quite a character. Here’s a neat documentary about his life.

Interesting: The story of HOKAs.  And here’s the cost.

We’re beta-testing a new smart phone app. Click here to check it out and please let us know of any issues you encounter. Thanks.

Runners finding middle ground in barefoot debate. Exactly. So companies, please stop telling us it has to be one or the other.

So Haile is getting too tired for speedwork at his “old” age. Sounds like someone is a perfect candidate to switch over to ultras!

NUC, but really beautiful. Has anyone (yeah, you, Oz readers!) ever seen this in person?  Idea: Put some sort of treadmill on the thing and have the first ever “trail race on a boat.”

I feel more at home with a crowd that sits around on the grass after the race is over, drinks beer, and camps out in a field the night before instead of needing a hotel room.Sounds like Max King had a good weekend.

Is this the world’s toughest hundred miler?

Good refresher: How to cope with injuries.




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