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Winning a championship on an international stage is only half the battle. Then comes dealing with the doping police. Ellie lays it out there.  We interviewed Amy Sproston about her experience right this way.

Do you have a strong feeling about little kids doing ultras? This story may change your mind.

Speaking of little kids, here’s my 5 year old, Sunny, running on the trails with me. She can only run a mile or so, but the natural gait and enthusiasm of kids inspires me for many more miles.

…and here are four trail races for little ones.

Really super cool drone video from the Sierra Vista Trail Run in NM last weekend.

Should organized trail running events be banned on the Pacific Crest Trail? If you believe they should not, check this out and sign the petition. If you believe the PCT should hold no organized events, click here (though I can’t find any language supporting the ban.)  For what it’s worth, bicycles were allowed on the trail until 1987 until they were all banned.  Should they be allowed back?

USATF is a total disaster. Latest issue has President Stephanie Hightower attempting to force board members out of their appointed positions if they disagree with her publicly.  Here’s one member’s response to her:

I fear that you are starting to believe that as long as people disagree with you, they are not doing what is in the best interest of USATF. I fear that you are starting to rule like a dictator instead of respecting the democratic process, which has defined our organization for longer than I can remember.

Your goals are different from the goals of the rest of the organization. Its all right to disagree, but it is not all right to use your position as president of this organization to BULLY and intimidate anyone, let alone loyal and dedicated members of this great organization.

Awesome: New Salomon running video featuring Rickey Gates running the fells in England.

This sounds very familiar: The first run back after a long injury.

Science: Introverts prefer mountains. 

List of entrants for 2015 Spartathlon. Curious as to why Japan is not included. I’m anxious to see how they do.

This race org made the right decision in reversing their original stance. Of course a blind female runner should be able to run with her male guide in an all-female race.

If I’m running short stuff on the roads or light trail, I’m often wearing racing flats. You?

Science: Endurance sports will make you a better, calmer person.  

…probably because we get to go to events like this: A 5k hosted by the MIkkeler Running Club at a brewhouse called Warpigs in Copenhagen. Awesome!

What’s your favorite beer style? I’m not sure “specialty beer” belongs on that list while they left off one of my favorite styles, the American Strong Ale.

The ten greatest gear innovations of the past 100 years. Number ten though?

Here’s a cool way to mark a marathon course.

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