Daily News, Thurs, Mar 13

This guy’s been running “on and off for 15 years”, he runs to work every day, and he’s never entered a race. Funny.

“It just tastes like cheap fruity water.”

What happens when a beer sommelier tastes and ranks a bunch of 40s?

Very cool: Find out what’s going on out on the PCT with this aggregator.

Gotta give credit where it’s due: Tim Olson posted this to Twitter recently. Maybe it’s his secret?

Didya hear the new URP interview with first-timer Kurt Schilling? I read about his experience here, posted it to the Daily News on Tuesday, and got him on the phone. Definitely a must-listen to for those training for their first ultra.

Here’s a great video of Gordy AInsleigh, shot by SalomonTV. And here’s a video of some lady shooting Salomon TV shooting Gordy.

“It was like someone had pierced my rectum with a javelin.” Ah, another tale of weight loss mishaps and alcohol from the Angry Jogger. (link fixed)

The cross training secrets of Team Nike’s Sally McRae.

In Facebook lexicon, here’s what seems like a Throwback Thursday for Anton: Hipster music reviews and Green Mountain summits.

This guy can draw far better than I can, and he’s doing it quickly while running a dang marathon.

Five ways the sports marketing industry is about to change forever. I guess some of them might affect us a little bit?

Roes’ touching ode to his friend.To the fatty running on the track this afternoon…

You're awfully quiet back there. Anything to say?