Daily News Thurs, Mar 14

This new Kilian video is just plain nuts.

Wonderland Trail wildflowers
Wonderland Trail wildflowers

Ready to hit the Wonderland Trail (and Kyle Skaggs’ or Candace Burt’s FKTs?)  Here’s what you need to know.

…or if you’re in the greater Bay Area, here’s a trail system I didn’t even know existed. Just know how to handle cattle.

Breathing techniques are something I’ve never thought about. I’m either breathing or I’m not.

From the hey-that’s-not-supposed-to-happen file: Bike thieves watch Strava and mapmyride to figure out where cyclists live then steal their bikes. Jerks.

The comments have been wonky on and off for about a week and they’re now fixed. To hell with CAPTCHA codes.

Video: Ellie giving a FEAT (seems like the Canadian version of TED) talk. Good stuff.

Four beers that are good for your skin.

…and in this corner, the Aussie and Kiwi contenders for this weekends Tarawera 100k.

I admitted here yesterday that I occasionally throw apple cores in the bushes on my runs. Apparently I need to stop.

An ultrarunners enemy: Iron deficiency.

Here’s a new hundo in NorCal.

Solid race report from a Way Too Cool mid-packer.

Here’s a medical study on the perils of transitioning to Vibrams too quickly.

This guy is racing 350 miles across the Arctic. At what point does an “ultra” go to the next level, and what exactly is that level?




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