Daily News, Thurs, Mar 19

What makes a trail runner?

Very touching story about my favorite person of the week.

Ryan Hall listens to this guy on the internet. Hilarious.

And another view about Mr Hall..and letsrun.

My race morning routine: A cold shower. Now there’s science behind it.

Let’s see, we could talk about religion, politics, gun control, or…whether or not maximalist shoes cause more injuries. 

Choosing kindness. We’re all part of the running tribe.

Didya hear the new podcast with Jen Benna? Sarah and I talk with her about postpartum running and racing, shorts that fall down during hundreds, squeezing your workouts in around life, and what life’s like with a trail movie film maker.

If you’re in Mississippi, Tennessee, or Arkansas, the transcon fellas (and Vanessa!) are looking for a place to stay.

I’m gonna go with a resounding yes to this question.

If you’re around next Sunday, check out the Knickerbocker Canyon trail run in Auburn. It covers much of the last fifteen miles of Western States and a certain former URP host is rumored to be running it.

Well, that’s one way to get a Gold Medal for your country.

Sarah wrote this for TrailRunner magazine about summer camps. Going to any? Don’t forget Jason Koop’s High Altitude Camp in Colorado with Dylan Bowman and Kaci Lickteig.  I’ve gotta believe just a few days of picking Koop’s mind would be pretty valuable. And painful.

Haha! How to become gluten intolerant. 

Dude, Lance, go away.

Touchy subject: How to get your spouse to exercise.

I’m still not entirely sure this is real or not, but if it is, would these be allowed in races?

Interesting: How the constant striving for self-improvement didn’t give him happiness.

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