Daily News, Thurs, Mar 20

Which running mags do you read? Here are some good options focused on ultras and trails.

Spaff goes for an 88k unsupported jaunt. Read about it and see it here.

Didya hear the new podcast with Stephanie Howe?  Busy, busy gal who’s ready to give it her all at Lake Sonoma.

Stephanie’s running Mesquite Canyon this weekend in Arizona. Here’s a great video of what it takes to direct a remote trail race.

NUC, but this is NOT how to jump over a mud puddle.

The running community comes together after a Virginia runner’s death.

Interesting: Prize money only available to US runners at biggest 10k in the country.  What do you think?  And on a similar note, here’s a good piece about how the running community has responded to East African dominance.

Good stuff: How to train for trails in the city.

Woohoo! Transvulcania’s superstar line up.

Meghan’s Tarawera race report, and one a bit closer to home from Dan.

Why do I have to poop when I run?

Ten things every high school runner should know. A lot of it applies to us, too.

There’s this new thing called trail running. Here are five reasons to do it.

Get to know: Beverley Anderson-Abbs

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