Daily News Thurs, Mar 21

Is post-race depression just a triathlete thing? Aside from DNFing, I’ve never heard of a runner going through this. Anyone else?

Video: Funny commercial simulating a triathlon mass swim start.

Minimalism in the long run: What is the future of shoes?

You heard our interview with Richard Hunter? Here’s a clip of a blind mountain biker and here’s his story. Thanks to Scott T for this gem.

Exercise to fight jet lag. Does that apply to Daylight Savings time too?

Track fans: David Rudisha (800m champ) and Usain Bolt (100m champ/FOL*) might get a chance to meet and race the 400m against each other. Could be awesome.

No beer reviews from me for two months. With the exception of race days, I’m not drinking alcohol until June. Anyone want to be a guest reviewer? Email me.

A bit more on that awesome Adam Campbell video about going from an attorney to a pro runner.

I generally don’t bash my fellow runners, but this thread from the idiots on LetsRun has me in fits. Their point? Ultrarunners are no-talent ass clowns and Sage Canaday is a wimp. Thanks to Dom G for this awful link.

So wait, are we supposed to be taking fish oil or not?

NUC but it looks fun/useful: Building a wild hut on a microadventure.

These mass transit races look like a heck of a lot of fun.

I hear a lot of women talking about sports bras this and sports bras that…here’s a personalized version from New Balance.

NUC: Cabin Porn from Stinson Beach, California. Yes, please.


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