Daily News, Thurs, Mar 27

An ode to the ultra community.

Headlamp, chest lamp, hand carry? What’s your favorite method of lighting the trail on a night run? Here is Sarah’s.

This is the coolest way to carry water I’ve ever seen. h/t Stuart.

Check out Leor’s latest adventure run along the Central Coast. WOW.

Some really simple race day advice that’s good for any distance.

Has anyone run the West Coast Trail in British Columbia? Sounds awesome!

I love these videos. Urban mountain biking in Chile, POV style!

And didya read our new Five Questions with Hoosier Momi Ford? Ack! Check out that knee!

Confessions of a rookie race director.

This guy tricked his sister into running her first trail 50k by offering five easy tips.

Better know who you’re making fun of before you go public.

This guy is attempting an FKT this summer (from Mass to Canada.)

NUC: So did Kipsiro get dropped from representing his country (Uganda) because he’s talking openly about a coach’s inappropriate sexual advice to female athletes, or because he had malaria, typhoid, and brucella?

Here’s my quest to find the perfect Little Black Shorts.

Nutritionists have told us this plenty of times: Don’t eschew canned food…it’s often the freshest out there.

Sage’s Tarawera report. He peed himself, got stung by a bee, and….won.

Interesting: More on Goucher’s signing with Oiselle.  I think the author was generous re Salazar.

We’re about to enter an age of some reallllly tricked out tech gadgets that will give athletes some incredible information.

I know there’s another big race at the end of June, but this sounds awesome: A 100k in Sweden…it starts at 10pm, as it’s so north that there’s nearly 24 hrs of daylight. Reindeer, great food, and beautiful scenery.

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