Daily News, Thurs, Mar 7

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The San Francisco Bay Area just got a lot more competitive.

Meanwhile, Adam Hewey enters a race wanting to win it and set a CR, so he does. Bonus: Discovered the word for “that feeling” I get after a race where my wife asks me “are you feeling OK? You’re acting weird.”

Zeke Tiernan on the importance of running your own race (and workouts.)

The 22 ugliest examples of 90s footwear. Number 8 lookes eerily familiar…

Beards!There’s a beard contest going on over here between Hal and Wolfe. Who’d you vote for?

Sherpa John lays it out all there regarding his diet. Great post many of us can relate to.

As Anton climbs more and more, I have less and less of an idea what he’s talking about.  Gonna need a translator soon.

How to run through the daylight savings time shift.

…speaking of sleep, here’s a good post on how much sleep we really need vs how much we’re getting.

Making the best of a bad training session.

Why ibuprofen is bad for runners, part 983.

Next time you start to think of an excuse why you can’t do something, watch this video.

I was liking this couple’s shorty and snappy international beer reviews until they gave Fat Tire an 8/10. Yeah it’s good, but not that good, and it’s certainly not from “the West Coast”. Looks like they’re having a good time though.

This guy chose Comrades as his first ultra. Here are his tips from last year.

This gotrail project is going to provide tons of dirty, dirty trail porn. If you’re on instagram, join in!

From yesterday’s Facebook discussion: Why are the overwhelming number of Strava users male? My estimate is 10:1. Ellie and Strava reps both weigh in.

This guy illustrates exactly what I so-selfishly fear: Raising active kids who cut into your racing schedule.



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