Daily News, Thurs, March 6

Preparing and training for your first ultra. Part one.

Quick Q&A with Magdalena Lewy Boulet.

The guy who just won the fatbike portion of the 1,000 mile Iditarod Trail did it in spectacular fashion.

Speaking of Iditarod, this interview with Dave Johnston is pretty awesome. I love this guy.

By the way, what gear do you need to race the Iditarod?

And geez, speaking of gear, what the heck happened at Transgrancanaria? Were Sandes and DBo DQed for not carrying gear? Early reports, rumors, and language barriers has me pretty confused.

Before Scotty left, he wrote a review on a cookbook by Racing Weight author (and past URP guest) Matt Fitzgerald.  Check it out.

Speaking of diet…Fiber. Do you get enough of it? Come on, we talk about poop when we’re anyways, right?

Anyone have a year off and want a pretty sweet job? Drive around the southwest with a buddy, talk to outdoor folks, and sneak away on some killer runs.

The pre-injury scale for athletes. Funny and helpful.

I like the sound of this: Recovery Ale…brewed to assist in recovering from a hard workout.

Howabout an indoor marathon? OK, howabout an indoor marathon every day for six days?  h/t to Melissa.

And a little more advice on getting ready for your first 50k.



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