Daily News, Thurs, May 1

Awesome: I will run wherever the hell I want to run.

Eight tips for your first night time trail race. (personally, I use one lamp on my chest, and one on my head. Gives me better depth perception.)

Ten ways to be a hipster ultra runner. Do roadies have an equivalent?

Wow! Check out this incredible piece on Ryan Sandes’ Drakensberg Traverse.

Seven things runners do on long runs (but probably won’t admit.)  Actually, no.

Video of elite African runner struggling to finish marathon sparks criticism. What do you think should have been done?

Ever wondered what Strava did with all the info they compile? They make cool maps!

Good stuff: Five signs that your diet is a “cult diet.”

…but it’s still not as bad as this: What’s in Taco Bell’s meat?

Ah, shin splints.

This guy wrote a novel about ultrarunning.  In his real life, a call from his young niece and nephew pulled him out of a bonk. I think that’s work for me too.

IMG_0516Ian’s Transvulcania preview. This’ll be a good one!

Koozies are in! If you’d like to help keep the site running (and your beer cold), please consider helping me out here.  For a mere $13, I’ll send you two cool URP koozies and two stickers (shipping, tax, all included.) These sold out quick last year and it’s already getting hot out.  Thanks!

It doesn’t get much more Throwback Thursdays than this: Our interview with Errol “Rocket” Jones.  

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