Daily News, Thurs, May 15

A lot of us are the consistent, every day in moderation runners. Then there’s Matt, myself, and others who swing wildly from extremes and learn to accept it.

Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 race predictions. My money’s on the ‘Goat.

Great conversation between Steve Magness (from Science of Running) and Reddit readers where he answers every running question you’ve ever had.

Throwback Thursday podcast with the Dean of old school himself…Dr. David Horton.

Pacific Coast Trail Runs is offering a 75 mile distance at Headlands this September. Great for anyone who’s done 100ks, but wants a transition distance to the 100 miler. Tough course though. Same course as I had my first DNF last year.

Didya see the latest Five Questions with Jukka from Finland?

How to talk like a beer snob.

Here are some great British trail runs.

Meanwhile, trail running is finding fans in India, including this guy who started running “to take his mind off something that upset him.”

I’m anxious to read more this recovering (alcoholic) runner. Seems like a pretty common theme in our sport.

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