Daily News, Thurs, May 16

Save this: How to be off-road ready. A how-to guide to trail running by Ian Torrence.

You’ve got to read Ras’ epic self-supported Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim report. Great pics (that’s him on the front page) and one hell of a story. What concerns me is the Ranger’s attitude towards trail runners.  What’s going on down there that gives them a bad impression of us? I’ve never been there, anyone have an answer?

The fellas from Science of Sport break down the minimalist debate in a balanced way.

She’s 48, a mother of three, has no coach, and no sponsors, and didn’t start running until her mid 30s.  She’s also considered one of the top female ultrarunners in the country. Meet Susanna Bon.

Here’s Jimmy Dean Freeman’s report from the inaugural Salton Sea Ultra.  Certainly looks like everyone had a good time!

This dude was descending Mont Blanc when an avalanche barreling down at him. What’d he do? Swam his freakin’ way out of it.

When we interviewed Ultrarunning Magazine’s John Medinger last month, he didn’t mention that he was selling the publication.

Want to see the most amazing set of world records completed by one (crazy) guy? How about a half marathon with a full liter of milk balanced on your head? Not impressed?  How about running a 5k and juggling, while wearing swim fins?  The competitor in me is trying to figure out which of these I could reasonably attempt to beat. So far, coming up with a very short list.

How tough are multi-days? Here’s a good primer on what they do to your body and mind. For more in-depth, check out our podcast with Sarah Lavender Smith after her Grand to Grand trek from last year.

Is drug testing failing due to lack of will?

Zoe Romano is running the 2,000+ mile Tour de France route, starting today. She hopes to beat the riders to the finish. Awesome! h/t to Melissa.


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