Daily News, Thurs, May 2

Miwok is coming up this weekend! Definitely one of the most beautiful races in the country…here’s a video from last year to prove it. This year will be interesting…Gary Gellin, DBo, Josh Brimhall, Peter Fain, Nathan Yanko, Ian Sharman (add), Marc Laveson and Chris Wehan…weather will be toasty and the speeds will be fast!

TrailRunner editorial on how prize purses might affect the sport.

And I try to nail down all the variables that can result in a successful race. How good runners get everything lined up right on one exact day boggles my mind.

Here are some awesome pictures from Mount Marathon. That race is definitely on my bucket list.

Some interesting topics in a sadly neglected forum on trail running.

G-Zizzle points out something I didn’t realize. Runners who fall behind on cutoffs at Rock n Roll Marathons are allowed to board a shuttle, jump ahead a few miles, then finish the race and get a finishers medal. WTF?  Like GZ, part of me doesn’t care about these people, but the same part of me that gets mad at dopers thinks it is total crap and unfair.  Thoughts?

…speaking of crap, why do I have to poop when I run?

Ten exercises that suck. Good, because I’m not doing any of them.

The problem of breast pain in women who exercise.

Funny: The guaranteed results race report generator.

Now this is getting interesting. Africa’s first SkyRunning event will be a high altitude 55km in Lesotho. Mike Wolfe, Joe Grant, Adam Campbell, and Dakota Jones will be there going head to head with Euros and Africans.

Fatigue and the muscle-mind connection.

Ashley discusses the running addiction conundrum.

This looks like a really cool book and for $15, I’m buying one for me, and one to give away to a listener/reader.

Hmmm, a new 50k on Mt Shasta just popped up on my radar with a wicked 2500′ climb at the 14 mile mark. Might need to add this to my calendar!




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