Daily News, Thurs, May 23

Looking for a 22 mile jaunt through Yosemite? Leor has mapped out (and run) what appears to be the perfect route.

Ten important tips on running a solid Beer Mile (from the WR holder.)

UnknownRemember Where’s Waldo? Some of these shots of trail runners are just as difficult (and far more awe-inspiring.)

NUC (No Ultra Content): “You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.” Zach Sobeich passed away after an incredible fight with cancer.

Read this: How and why you should strengthen your hip abductors.

Related to…injury prevention and the big bang theory.

Check out this video of how the Salomon athletes collaborate with the S-Lab folks.  Awesome footage!

Here’s Rob Krar’s Grand Canyon R2R2R record report.

The accidental ultrarunner.

Running and beer go together like…two ultrarunning twin sisters.

While I agree with most of this post, I could run the exact same trail five days a week and I don’t think it’d ever get routine.

Trail yoga?

Packing my drop bags for Bryce Canyon. Since it’s out and back, I’ll have one at 25/75, and one at the turnaround. ¬†First official hundo (other was a fatass that was only 88M), so this is new territory for me. No pacer/crew, and I’ve got to get this right. Any advice to ease my mind and help me pack?




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