Daily News, Thurs, May 29

Read this: An open letter regarding specialty run companies and products. 

Video: Latest edition of the most insane downhill race in the world.

Beer mile controversy.

Speaking of beer, a couple of beer geeks are mapping out the genes of craft beer yeasts from around the world.

And finally, what happens when alcohol and running collide: How an addict started running and changed her life.

Timothy Olson’s Transvulcania race report.

…and the Angry Jogger’s report from his first 100k. Great story!

Very interesting post on gluten free diets.

Confessions of a cross-dressing ultrarunner.

Comrades is coming up this weekend. Here’s a preview.

A great photo essay on running the Grand Canyon R2R2R.

With my 24 hour run less than a month away (yikes!), here’s a great report from Martin’s, albeit in a far more beautiful setting.

And here’s another great what to do and what not to do report from a 24 from across the Pond. h/t Sam.

Jen is 6 months pregnant and still running trails while balancing life.

I think we’ve all felt like this running dad…a run that kicks your butt and teaches you to respect the trails.


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