Daily News, Thurs, Nov 13

More on the UTMB sponsor change.

One of my favorite bands singing one of my favorite folk songs while watching awesome people do amazing stuff. (Video and brief interview.)

I love winning, and by golly gee wilikers I sure wanted to win Les Templiers.

–Zach Miller’s report from Les Templiers.

Ten things she learned from her summer as a dirtbag runner.

Another reason to avoid the gym and stay outside: The air is gross.

A comprehensive review of recovery products.

Silicon pint glasses? Camping would be the only use for these. h/t Stu.

Pot Hunting: Methodically choosing an obscure race that no one will be at so you can win.

Twenty nine surreal places to visit (and, ahem run) before you die. How many have you been to? I’ve got a measly 5.

Are your trailheads getting loved to death?

Not a ton of info here, but Germany is making doping illegal, with possible jail time.  I’m no fan of doping, but I’ve got a LOT of questions about how this’ll work.

NUC: The impact of adventure on a child. An interview from the kids’ perspective.

Whew, didn’t realize the car vs bike debate was so hot until yesterday. Here are apparently nine things drivers need to stop saying.

The Beer Mile Championship elite field is coming together. No MUT runners though?

Five awesome South African trailrunning races.

Didya hear the new podcast with Justin Houck? He’s very fast, very new, and has some very large goals.

I’ll be gone Fri and Mon and will need help compiling the Daily News. Please email me if you can take either tomorrow. Extra points for a non-CA perspective. Thanks so much.

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