Daily News, Thurs, Nov 14

More on Wardian’s insane double marathon attempt this weekend.

Improve strength and speed with downhill training.

Do you know what our nipples look like? Come on, win a new handheld!

One of my go-to e-zines, the new ultratales is out!

If you can get past all the marketing words (Kazan!), here’s some insight into trail shoe R&D.

What happens when your title sponsor bails on your event?

Anyone have $225k laying around? This ghost town (in the Sierras, north of Tahoe) is for sale. Comes with a few old buildings, plenty of trails, and a liquor license. Race central?

Some insight on how Ireland handles drug testing.

Stop taking the Belgians so seriously. Unless they’re talking about beer.

The Leadville debacle is getting more personal and more ugly.


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