Daily News, Thurs, Nov 20

Interesting piece on Kilian’s quest for FKTs.  McDougall makes it seem like FKTs have no rules, documentation, or format. Peter Bawkin was apparently not consulted.

Great beers for winos.

Fun report from running 142 miles at NJ One Day.

How will the MUT world deal with technological advances that seem to push the envelope? (At least one answer is in the comments.)

Jay (one of my roommates as Team RWB Camp) breaks down his experience.  I’ve got a couple of podcasts I’ll be releasing soon from my visit.

Sportsmanship in MUT running.

I’ll definitely be following World 100k champs from Qatar. Results will be here and this site will have three cameras set up.  It’s a ridiculously loopy course, so the camera shots will always be interesting.

Awesome: A group of Swedes are competing in an adventure race across Ecuador when a stray dog starts following them. You’ll have to read more…

Territory Run Company is back on board with URP, keeping these podcasts and news feeds free. Definitely check them out. Good people with rad clothes.

Want to know what it’s like running in the Marin Headlands? Here you go.

Great interview with Traci Falbo. (who just, ahem, set the new AR for women’s 100 trail.)

Hal’s guide to running in the snow. For the laaaadies.

Dealing with a disappointing race performance and moving on.

Here’s a HS girl who’s getting it done in ultras. Sounds like she’ll be at Sean O’Brien 100k. Cool!

Comprehensive energy gel comparison.  They all seem about the same to me.  As one AR holder recently said….”yuck, they all taste like robot foot.”

Trailrunning in Nepal.

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