Daily News, Thurs, Nov 21

Here’s the best trail guide I’ve ever seen.

Where are the elite female coaches?

Here’s a great way to give back to the trail community. Kudos to the WTA for such an easy to understand program.

Sure, pulling a tire is weird, but hey, at least I’m not naming them, right?

Very cool! Inside Trail has stepped up and has taken over the RD-ship for Biship High Sierra.  This event was almost lost when the original RDs retired this year.

Here’s an interview with Mike Foote, and here’s our podcast with him.

This podcast is definitely on my list.  It argues that one reason Kenyans are better runners is because they prepare for and endure a painful circumcision in their youth.

…speaking of pain tolerance, how does it affect your racing? Is there another attribute that’s more important than that ability to tough it out? What do you think?

Newly formed Collegiate Running Assn includes mountain and trail running.

You’re in our URP Strava group, right?

Cool little film where a guy asks runners questions. It’s so simple it’s hard to explain. Just watch.

…and a neat Salomon film about Frosty.

And in this week’s science watch: Too much exercise is just as bad as too little. Stay tuned next week where this’ll be totally debunked.

Wow, this guy has run 50milers in six different decades.


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