Daily News, Thurs, Nov 6

Ten year growth chart for ultra events and races.

Sarah’s updated Journey to the Starting Line of a Hundred Miler.

You saw Cory’s Javelina Dance Party video earlier this week, now read his race report.  And here’s Jeff’s report…looks like a great time!

Krista’s top ten list of what not to wear while running.

You heard Ian talking about them on this podcast…downhill repeats.

Speed training for ultras: Do it!

New high tech running shoe thingamajig will prevent injuries. Sure it will.

Do you like your shoes new or well used?

Good stuff: How not to choke.

Scanning my social media feeds (which are hardly scientific, I know), I’d estimate that 75% of MUT runners I know fall to the Democrat side of the aisle.  Does that seem about right? And why is that?

Spaff wipes out on the trail, but gets a pic of a porcupine. That’s one animal I’ve never seen on the trails where I live.

Meet runner Ty Draney.

New trail ultra coming to California’s central valley. Here’s the link to the race.

Is it running?….or tuberculosis???

America’s favorite peak bagging mountains.

PSA: If you live near good hills, don’t take them for granted. Here’s my “hill workout” from this morning, in our local University’s parking garage.


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