Daily News, Thurs, Nov 7

Here’s a great piece about a trail mama dealing with asthma.  Respect.

Cyclocross: Trailrunning’s wacky cousin. Anyone else ride CX?

He jinxed himself by wearing the “Death Before DNF” calf guards.dracula-2

How does a 100k trail run through Transylvania sound?

Funny but sad: Inspirational fitness quotes over pictures of drunks.

Keep up the mantra: This workout feels good.

Ridin’ the sweep bus at the NYC Marathon.  Same attitude of the volunteers as we’ve got, but the execution is different.

Is Virginia Tech the only school with a Trail and Ultra team?

stickersWe’ve got metric stickers again! Visit the Donation Aid Station if you’re interested, and as always, THANK YOU to those who’ve helped us out!

Cool film about Dom Grossman’s Angeles Crest 100 run.

If you know of an interesting event coming up this weekend that I can include in the calendar, shoot me a msg at [email protected].


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