Daily News, Thurs, Oct 16

Ten steps to a productive off season.

I may not recognize all the technical climbing jargon, but what these guys did does seem pretty impressive. h/t Greg M.

Check out the physical transformation of this Marine who hiked the Appalachian Trail. Honest question: I’ve never been on the AT before, but is 13 miles a day really that tough?

Didya hear the new podcast with Matt Flaherty? Crazy fast on the roads…rad mustache…quit his attorney gig to run full time…brews beer…super friendly. Perfect!

This guy wrote a race report about Arrowhead 135, and the RD found some of it inappropriate.   Now the writer got his application rejected for next year’s race. Drama drama drama.

Blizzards in Nepal just killed over two dozen hikers. Wow.

Need some inspiration? Check out the preview video for North Face Australia.

Hey coffee shops, breweries, and small biznesses: THIS is an awesome idea, and that picture of the Gemmi Run is abso-freakin-lutely insane.

How Jill deals with injury. I can relate.

More on the “volunteer” class action lawsuit against Rock n Roll Marathons from earlier this week.  It is an interesting case.

NUC: The Angry Jogger DNFs a marathon and deals with it surprisingly well.

Sorry fellas, Stephanie Howe is officially off the market.

Cross country makes tough kids. This dude snapped his tibia in 3 places and crawled across the finish line.

Bronco Billy’s Run Rabbit Run report. Beards go 1,2,3.

Why and how giving up alcohol is good for you.

….or at least just stop drinking these 8 beers.

How to be a busy mom parent and still get your running in.

CrossFit for ultra endurance. Does anyone have experience in this?

Throwback podcast: Scotty and I sat down with Maggie who ran her first 100 at Zion, had “female issues” midway in the dark, and finished to talk about it.

How to stock your home gym for about $100.

Do your dang fartleks.

This is how you run downhill.

…and this is how you make money in China. In the US, we call them “personal trainers.”

And hey China, I’m not sure that running 600km over three years really counts as an “ultramarathon.”

Sherpa John’s final post on his “how to be an RD” series.

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