Daily News, Thurs, Oct 17

Check out this nav system that runs forever, is compact, and can be used anywhere.

Good read: Introversion and racing. Which are you?

Alberto Salazar’s ten golden running rules.  I’m still hearing talk about some athletes being on TUE (therapeutic use exemptions) for certain substances.  Hope they’re legit.

Looks like Laz moved to Malaysia and is hosting a Far East Barkley.

Oreo cookies more addictive than cocaine…at least in rats. (And guys named Eric.)

How to leave bed on a freezing cold morning.

Oops! Woman runs ultra (her first!) by mistake.

Five reasons for dudes to shave. I shave in the spring/summer to prevent tics, that’s it.

Uh oh. The Angry Jogger is pretty pissed off about people making excuses and lists.  Salty language alert.

How much does your weight affect your time? Check out this calculator.

New LA documentary leaves people skeptical of elite athletes in all sports. To be fair, other sports do a fine job themselves of screwing up their image.

Good stuff: How this guy trained to run a sub 3 hr marathon.   I’m curious about the pacer usage.

This Kenyan runner was leading for 40k, then fainted and died. Yikes.

Top East African runners earn like major CEOs.


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