Daily News, Thurs, Oct 2

Great piece on Chris Vargo. 

Race Report from Mark Twain 100 in Missouri.

Didya see this video about how Rob Krar deals with depression? Great stuff. Was that camera mounted on a bike? How’d Joel get that long shot?

Do you wear your buckles? If so, why?

Sam’s Spartathlon report.

Ultrarunning Magazine now has a page dedicated to MUT podcasts! Check it out here.

You heard my interview with Nickademus Hollon…now here’s Meghan’s report from Tor des Geants.

New podcast with Michele “Mickey” Graglia.  When he gets into something, he really gets into it. Modeling? Yeah, for CK, D&G, and Armani. Ultras? First race ever was a 100. Stage races? He just won his first.  Sarah and I had a great time chatting with him about what’s next.

Nine ultra norms you can break.

Leadville is going to a lottery process. Surprised it took this long.

Short news day…what did I miss???

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