Daily News, Thurs, Oct 23

Good guy to listen to: Andrew Skurka is training for his first 50 in 4 years. Here’s how. 

Six great trail running tips from Alabama(n?) runner Vanessa.

IRF’s preview of Les Templiers. Men (Sage, Vargo, Flaherty) and women (Jodee, Cassie, Magda.)

TBT on URP: Growth of 100 milers in the US.  I know it’s only from earlier this year, but it’s a fantastic map to check out.

Are online race registration companies scamming us?  I’ll never use active.com (fees and spam) and generally prefer ultrasignup.

Very interesting: Motivation contagion.

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3636457-frickinHas anyone used lasers for injury treatment? Results?

Good stuff: The truth about losing fitness.

How had I never heard of the Brew Mile?  Looks like it balances between cool and lame. Has anyone done one?

180 miler across Puerto Rico, and Charlie Engle, Valmir Nunes, and Joe Fejes are in.

Want to improve your fitness (for any distance)? Repeat 400s on grass at altitude. Ouch! (On a side note, I used to race against that coach–Louie Quintana–in HS XC.)

Speaking of the Bahamas, this Aussie swam a WR 80 miles unassisted and wound up with a  face full of jellyfish stings. One. Tough. Chick.

Looks like they’ve got more of that hat I want so bad. Territory Run Co is based in OR, they’re big runners themselves, have a rad site, are URP sponsors, and make some sweet gear. Please check them out.

I do this regularly: Training on empty.

I don’t to this regularly: Warming up.

Philly runners: You’re lucky to have this. Fishtown Beer Runners video.

So it seems that Red Bull has a lot of snake oil in it.

Wyatt’s opinion on quantity vs quality for 100 mile training.


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