Daily News, Thurs, Oct 24

Skyrunning UK is putting together an athlete commission to help guide the direction of the series.  I’m anxious to watch the progress.

Apparently peeing on the wall during the Beijing Marathon is a big thing.

A bit more on JB Benna’s unsupported FKT of the Tahoe Rim Trail and why he was so damn mad at his foot.

Dirty secret: Sherpa John on the integrity of gear reviews.  URP receives some comped items (that we divulge) and we purchase some ourselves, and we’ve definitely written negative reviews.

Why it’s impossible to just eat less.

…and here’s a typical day on a plant-based diet. You people have way more self control than I do.

This magical pair of underwear can filter out your fart’s smell. Ultra connection? I generally wreak after a long day of burping, farting, eating, falling, spilling and sweating, and a reduction in any of those would help my situation.

Nylon beards are awful to run in.
Nylon beards are awful to run in.

Seven keys to racing in costume, with input from Mike Wardian and Ian Sharman.

…speaking of Sharman, here’s a quickie with him.

Read this: Take your workouts to the trails. By Max King.

Hmmm, Jamaica is being a PITA and may get itsself banned from the Olympics, leaving athletes like (the freakishly huge and fast) Usain Bolt out in the cold.

Non-traditional runs…zombie runs, color runs, obstacle courses…continue to grow in the US.  Are other countries seeing these events as well?

I didn’t realize Gary Robbins had such chronic injuries. Sounds like he’s getting better.

Time for a new shoe rack! I thought I had a lot of shoes. Wow.


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