Daily News, Thurs, Oct 3

Jon Olsen’s sub12 hr 100 mile report.

The multi-tasking endurance brain. ย Showering with a protein shake…love it.

I’m no scientist, but shouldn’t this be in the no sh!t file?

Why you should fill your company with athletes. Though I suppose a company full of ultrarunners would have to be closed on most Fridays, have no stairs, and accept a pretty liberal interpretation of appropriateness of belt buckles.

JB Benna just set the Tahoe Rim Trail unsupported FKT (170-ish miles) with a time of just under 59 hours. Meanwhile, Victor Ballesteros is making a second attempt at the supported FKT starting Saturday at 4am. Here’s a link to his SPOT tracker.

For you plant-based runners, the No Meat Athlete’s book is out today. ย I love his blog and his writing, I just like meat more.

Do you get altitude farts?

How the government shutdown is affecting runners. ย Have you been affected?

Short news day again. ย What did I miss?

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