Daily News, Thurs, Oct 30

Running downhill: It’s a skill (that I don’t have.)

What’s the best protein to consume after a workout?

This is what it takes to reach 100k lifetime miles.

If you’re looking for a fantastic, well-priced (about $10) sour, go buy this now. Had it last night and it’s near perfect.

Ian’s 2015 calendar is ready for pre-order, and it looks awesome.

Sarah and I spoke with Hal Koerner yesterday about injury, race directing, what shoes sell best, and how in the heck he found time to write a book about running. Podcast here.

NUC (No Ultra Content): Some people would love to do this, others would refuse.  Sounds like fun, but 60 days is a long time.

One runner’s (who’s also a doc) experiment with heart rate training and low carb high fat diet.

Ladies, this is all for you: What to do when your cycle stops and how will it affect your running performance?

Good piece on Seattle runner Jay. Does his story resonate?

Dangit, Kidrunner. Looks like you’ll be about a year late for me. And I would have been your biggest fan.

Larisa Dannis gets some more love from Runner’s World.

Strava just got some new cash. Looks like they’re sticking around. What could/should they add to their product to make it better?

Money: Which road races offer the most and which runners earn the most.  

Great video of a guy’s 1200km run along a trail in South Australia.

Beer Mile World Championships are coming up. I hope you’re training.

Really good piece on Fartleks. Do them!

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