Daily News, Thurs, Oct 9

Read this: More important than talent.

Interesting stats from the first-ever comprehensive study on run commuting in the UK.

Apparently people are still arguing about heel strike vs forefoot strike.

Few spots left open for Team RWB Trailrunning Camp in Texas next month. Join Max, Meghan, Schlarb, Pam, Joe Uhan, Sabrina, Liza, Dom, myself, a whole bunch of recent veterans and others for a fun weekend of running and learning.

As the sport and sponsors grow, sports management firms will focus on endurance athletes.

Might be discussed at camp: Growing the perfect trail beard.

bodybuilder-25289_132149088069According to this guy, running is the worst thing you could possibly do to yourself.

What is skyrunning? CNN covers it here and we’ll be chatting with US Skyrunning Series Director Ian Sharman soon.

Sounds cool: Revival of the toughest race you’ve never heard of.

Throwback Thursdays: My post from last year on ultrarunners’ fears of marathons.

…and with many distances out there, marathon is still king.

Oh look! They made a calendar for me with all the things to avoid!

Instead I’ll add this one, courtesy of Mr. Flaherty.

Interesting take on races in Kenya.

When is it time to say goodbye to your trusted shoes?

Alright, Cory has proven himself just crazy enough to be on the show.  Let’s do this.

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