Daily News, Thurs, Sep 12

The lazy person’s guide to training for an ultramarathon.

Interesting look at endurance athletes’ appetite for supplements.

Five signs that tell you to just turn around.  We’ve all had at least one of these, right?

Top five running self promoters. Uh, this list seems to be missing someone.

Why this mom is running 100 miles on a treadmill (in sub 24 hours, natch) in the middle of San Francisco.

For anyone in the SF Bay Area, this sounds like the new curiosity run: The new Bay Bridge bike path.

Tim Olson’s guide to being an ultradad. Speaking of ultradads in Ashland, is there a new Baby Koerner yet?

New issue of great UK mag Ultratales is right here in pdf form.

Pearl Izumi ad hints that with their shoes, your dog will die before you’re done running. People freaked out, and they apologized.

Speaking of PI, check out my review on some hybrid running shorts.  Love the shorts, hate the price.

Should you abstain from sex before competition?

Natural running discussion, part 2,392.

Ian’s preview of Run Rabbit Run competitors.

Should you force change in your stride to make it more efficient?

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