Daily News, Thurs, Sep 18

Very interesting: How MUT running effects testosterone levels. 

True unsung heroes of the trail world.

I wish this post were longer: The importance of mind over matter on race day.

Cory got attacked by mosquitos on his run and dealt with it in a funny way. (I’m the same way with tics…can’t go on a summer run without getting one on me. Ugh.)

Aside from really wanting to do this race now, there’s some excellent advice on preparing for race day.

Five things she learned from crewing RunRabbitRun.

I’m the first to defend Dean when it’s called for, but this seems kinda lame.

But hey, speaking of the Spartathlon, stay tuned for a new podcast today! We interviewed Jon Olsen yesterday about his 100 mile record, coming to grips with what kind of athlete he could be, and what he’s expecting at the 152 mile Spartathlon next week.

Throwback Thursday Podcast and keepin’ with the theme: Dean Karnazes from a few years ago.

Gotta get on the road. Sorry for the short news day.

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