Daily News, Thurs, Sep 25

How to beat the bonk. 

Five running fads that have passed.

How a road runner stopped fearing snakes and embrace the joys of the trails.

Doping and drugs in women’s endurance sports.

Did you read the latest Five Questions? Lauren recently took SIX HOURS off her fifty mile time! Wish I could follow up and ask how. Lauren?

If you’re interested in running a crazy looking course at altitude in Park City, use this code for 40% off registration: TNFUT40

You could do a bunch of psychedelic drugs, or you could run Tor des Geants with Nickademus Hollon where you run for 76 hours on the trails and totally trip out. (And come in second place overall!)  I’ll be speaking with Nick today about his race. Can’t wait!

Alright, I understand the HS XC student who wasn’t allowed to compete because she was in a wheelchair, but this girl is blind.  If Richard can run an ultra, accommodations can be made for her.

Here’s a great video from Kilian and Emelie’s Tromsø Skyrace in Norway.

If you’re in Chicago tonight, stop by and hear Hal and Mike chat about his trek on the JMT.  Here’s our podcast with Hal right after the run.

The Spartathlon starts later today in Greece. Track it live here.

First Badwater, now this.  We’ll need permits to take pics in a national forest? If someone could give me one reason why this is necessary, I’d be more than happy to listen.

He had a beer/run streak that lasted for three years. One year after it stopped, he checks in and is faster than ever.

After the post from earlier this week about UTMB and its leadership, I have a rotten taste in my mouth. But suddenly I see this and shamelessly toss my principles out the window.

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