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Check out this video of an awesome new hundred coming to Tennessee. Beautiful!

Woman sets out do do a half marathon, misses her turn, and ends up winning the marathon and qualifying for Boston.  On the heels of our discussion last week, the comments section (with posts by the RD) bring up some ridiculous as well as some valid points.  What should the RD have done?

Nick Papageorgio?
Nick Papageorgio?

The Spartathlon starts tomorrow morning in Athens. Good links here. 152 miles, 304 men, 33 women, 35 countries represented.  James Adams (UK), Chad Ricklefs (US), Marvelous Mimi Anderson (UK), Nick Papageorg (wasn’t that Rusty’s name on Vegas Vacation?), Mike Morton (US, interview herethe Fruitarian Mike Arnstein (US, interview here), and probably a whole bunch of top Europeans astute readers will point out to me. Without knowing all the runners, I’ve got to go with Morton.

Meanwhile, there’s a prediction contest going on for UROC. My money’s on Sage and Forsberg.

Interesting: Tylenol boosts performance in hot conditions. Hardliners would consider this doping. What do you think?

Not a bad list: Twenty best beers in the world.

This program gives war vets the opportunity to thru hike the AT to help decompress after serving in the military. Very cool.

Here’s an interesting article on getting top runners to race more often.  It seems the MUT running has the opposite problem. How many “best field ever assembled” races have we had this year? Lake Sonoma, WS, UTMB, UROC…

…meanwhile, Usain Bolt just re-upped with Puma for $10million bucks a year. Puma?

Looks like the Ragnar Trail Relays is heading to Atlanta next year.

And finally, sorry about the lack of recording. We’ve lost our studio space and are building a new one. Give us a week and we’ll be back with new and exciting guests.  Thanks.



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