Daily News, Thurs, Sep 5

“Racing 100mi through the mountains as hard as you can is all about irrational confidence and optimism…”

Anton’s UTMB race report.

Frosty visits Corsica.

An interview with The Oatmeal.

Interesting: Is your pain physical or psychological?

Dakota comes out as a strong advocate of allowing the market to determine how much control governing bodies have.

I posted this yesterday to Facebook, but if you missed it (and are up for a good cry about running and dogs), here’s a touching piece by Meghan Hicks.

The guys from TrailandUltraRunning talk about the importance of effort and pushing yourself hard. When was the last time you puked after a run?

Is gluten-free just an overblown fad?

There are few sports that allow the athlete to experience solitude on a regular basis, and lucky, we’re in one of them.

In Lance news…this could get interesting.

This looks ideal: Run around a lake in the English Lakes District on groomed trail and country roads with nice weather and rolling hills. Sign me up!

Hey Aussie runners! I’ve got a friend who’ll be in Sydney in Nov/Dec and is looking for races, groups, trails, runs, anything. If you’ve got a tip, let me know. Thanks!

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