Daily News, Thurs, Sept 11

Emily and Ian’s Transrockies race report. Sorry, I can’t get myself to use the title sponsor’s name.

How to run downhill like Kilian. Step one: Be born to his parents.

You’ve heard about Nolan’s 14…now hear our¬†podcast with recent finisher Brandon Stapanowich. Fourteen 14k’ peaks in about 100 miles in less than 60 hours. Who, what, when, where, why.¬†And here’s his written report.

Ten fall trail races for 2014. Smaller scale and shorter distances.

Victory bags snag a Gear of the Week mention! Hey, I’m reviewing mine right now!

Matt Flaherty’s UROC 50k report.

How did Rory do that???

Good arguments can be made on both sides about teenagers running ultras, but I think we all agree three years old is a bit young. Ya know, especially when it involves selling the kid.

What’s going on at The Rut this weekend.

How to make your own awesome (and gulp, expensive) gaiters.

I don’t mean to be insensitive, but that first sentence makes absolutely no sense to me.

Francesca Canepa speaks about being DQed for cheating at TDG.

Not a lot of news today. What did I miss?

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