Daily News, Thurs, Sept 19

Was Rocky an ultrarunner?

Do you run off course very often? I enjoy getting lost on runs, but in races nothing kills my spirit more.

That race from last weekend with Kenenisa Bekele, Haile Gebrselassie, and Mo Farah sprinting to the finish? Remember that? Watch them run by in slow motion and check out their strides.  I think they’re participating in a different sport than I am.

This guy brews beer in his belly after he has a bunch of carbs. Bizarre story.

And this guy is going for a 48 hour stroll around Central Park.

From the “Well, duh” Department…this guy might have spinal problems.

Black runners, gay runners, recovering alcoholic runners…I get the reasoning behind the groups. I do. But one thing I like so much about running is meeting new people from different groups and nothing would freak me out more than running with a bunch of me’s.

Cool Leadville video.

If you can get past the translation–and the fact that the two protagonists are named Wang and Dongit’s an interesting story. The thief was an 800m runner and the cop is a marathoner. How’d it turn out?

Did you want to know more about the 82 year old who’d kick your butt? Here’s a pretty good interview with him. I’ve met him, and this is an accurate depiction.

Anyone had any luck with the “fasted training” method.  Starve yourself on training runs, then eat like crazy for races. Theoretically it seems to almost make sense, but practically it sounds like a disaster.



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