Daily News, Thursday, Dec 18

Ultra predictions for 2015 from the boys down under.

Interesting story about the rise of Oiselle. Who’ll be the first Oiselle-sponsored MUT female?

Think you should listen to a guy who actively coaches Dakota, Dylan, Ryan, Timothy, Alex, and Kaci? If nothing else, stick around for the hilarious Hardrock story. New podcast with coach Jason Koop.

If there’s one running blogger who makes me think the most, it’s this guy.

Tim traveled from the UK to Texas to run Brazos Bend in support a friend tragically killed last year.  Great report right this way.

These pistol squats look like something Joe Uhan would recommend. Ouch!

Sam asks what is an ultramarathon anyway?

NUC: Danny Macaskill has a new bike video that is just awesome. Two thoughts: He makes that look incredibly simple, and dangit, I wanna run those trails!

Read this: Not all fitness goals are equal…choose the right ones.

The three worst shoes of 2014.

Another reason I like magazines like ultrarunner and TrailRunner magazine over RunnersWorld. The runners depicted in them look real.

Word is that Lake Sonoma might be missing some of the huge names this year, as this race is taking some of the talent. I’d be happy to run either.

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